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Policies, Terms & Conditions

About the Dolls

Each doll is a work of art that is intended for display only. They are not recommended for young children as they are not toys. Gentle handling & care is advised. Please refer to the doll details for specific material information.



Each doll is an original sculpture (unless stated otherwise) and one of a kind (OOAK). No identical replicas are made. 

Refund & Return Policy

All sales are final. No cancellation or refund is possible once the doll is shipped. Returns are not accepted.


Portrait dolls

No cancellation or refund is possible once the order is approved. Copyright rests with the artist.


Commissioned dolls

No more than 50% refund is possible once the order is approved. If the client decides to cancel an order, up to 50% refund is possible depending on the work progress. The artist holds all the rights for the cancelled pieces.


Copyright is non transferable, the artist holds full rights to any images and may make prints of the original artwork, or use digital copies of the original artwork (unless specifically agreed in writing). The client is not allowed to reproduce the piece in any form. 


All work and images copyright ©Ozlem Akin - dolls by ozlem akin - All rights reserved.

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